Focus on

Sales Operations

What happens behind the scenes is just as important as what occurs on the stage.   The organization of your sales team, sales process, sales support, and customer journey are no different. 

Sales Process

Shifting from a talent based artistic sales system (a.k.a. “Sales Rock Star”) to a scientific process driven system where all reasonably talented salespeople can excel. 

Technology Tools

The world is changing faster than it ever has and the rate of change continues to increase.  How do you keep abreast of the latest tools?  Do you know which best fit your needs and budget?  How is  your adoption rate?  Utilization rate?  ROI? 


Are your compensation plans designed to optimize the performance of your salespeople?  Does the comp plan support the strategic direction of the company?   Have your top salespeople learned how to game the plan yet? 


Great!  Your new salesperson starts Monday.  Do you have an established plan that will quickly get them up to speed and hitting quota consistently?  Or is the plan to throw them in the deep end? 


Presentations, white papers, contracts, demo agreements, welcome letters, thank you letters, etc.  Are you sending one cohesive message, extending your Brand, or is it a scattered every person for themself approach? 

Sales Support

Are you operating with the efficiency of a supercar engine or is the engine light in your Yugo still on?  Communication, teamwork, mutual respect, a clear sales process with shared expectations and incentives are key.

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