Sales Optimization

What is Sales Optimization?

We view Sales Optimization as an all inclusive organizational behavior.  In other words, are sales and all the facets of the business that affects sales, working in concert to help bring on new customers?

Is every department, individual, and/or technology increasing or decreasing the opportunity to convert a prospect into a customer?

Vantage Sales Partners works with you to understand how each employee, department, process, vendor, and technology affects sales, to what extent, and then works to educate each contributor and develops processes that help to support and accelerate sales growth.


Just as importantly, we work to educate the sales organization on the role of each player in the company, how that player supports the overall success of the company and how sales employees, can support or hinder that success. Sustained growth is a two-way street. 

Sales Best Practice Audit

SalesQB’s Best Practices Audit will uncover many opportunities and is a great first step in optimizing your sales organization.  

Have you considered the following recently?

Do you have a proven and repeatable sales process?
Are your supporting departments intimately aware of your proven and repeatable sales process and their role in its success?
Have you built an ideal customer profile or customer avatar? Have a identified precisely which customers come from which channels? Do your marketing and lead generation spends correspond to this intel? Do the efforts of your salespeople?
Have you identified your KPI's and are you tracking them consistently? If so, how are you utilizing the data received?.
Competitive Analysis and Market Differentiation. Are you aware of the approach each of your competitors takes to the market? Have you identified your differentiation? Is every approach, player, department, and process aligned with that differentiation?
Are your territories strategically aligned? Do you have the relevant data and technology in place to track your salespeople's penetration into their respective territories?

Often times it's not a question of Business Owners knowing WHAT to do ...

it’s a case of not having the TIME to focus your energy.  It presents another opportunity where an experienced sales leader can provide instant value.  


A Fractional Sales Manager or Interim Sales Leader from Vantage Sales Partners will have the knowledge, experience, vision and time to provide a laser focus on the sales function.

utilizes SalesQB's
Path to Guaranteed Growth